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Mysterious Panama

Sometimes called the “Hong Kong of the Americas,” the tiny tropical nation of Panama is known for its high-performing financial sector, canal, and commitment to liberty. But did you know it is also shrouded in secrets and mystery? During his own visit to this enigmatic land, Dane examines four mysteries of Panama: U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt’s involvement in the birth of Panama as an independent nation; a global money-laundering conspiracy that could send a pair of local lawyers to prison in Germany; the tragic disappearance of two Dutch visitors; the eldritch petroglyphs of Panama’s jungle-covered mountains. Dane also recounts his encounter with a machete-wielding man who may (or may not!) be a sanctified guardian of sacred runestones.

Interview with a Skunk Ape Experiencer

Dane and Chris interview Amanda, a Pennsylvania resident who encountered a howling, foul-smelling humanoid, while living near an abandoned strip mine outside Plant City, Florida in 2013. Amanda provides one of the most vivid and richly-detailed descriptions of a “skunk” or “swamp ape” we have ever heard. This episode will give you chills! 


Episode 19 - DMT: A Gateway to The Occult? (part II)

The second part of Dane’s interview with Dick Khan author of “DMT and My Occult Mind.” In this segment, Khan digs deeper into his encounters with entities. He also discusses the links between his work and other occult research traditions including Theosophy and spiritualism.

Episode 18 - DMT: A Gateway to The Occult?

Many who smoke the potent hallucinogenic DMT report being transported to a hyper-realistic world where they encounter bizarre, otherworldly beings. But what is really happening to people who break-through? Dane talks to Dick Khan, a London-based writer, and researcher, who has a unique answer: using DMT attracts “occult entities” that lurk near the border of consensus reality. Dane and Khan discuss Khan’s interest in psychedelics and why he first began to suspect that a non-human intelligence influenced his DMT experiences, in this first of a two-part series.

Episode 17 - Robert Anton Wilson II: Synchronicities of Chapel Perilious

The exciting conclusion to our series on Robert Anton Wilson focuses on R.A.W.’s retreat from politics. Pursuing a mix of Leary-inspired shamanism and Crowleyan magick, Wilson was haunted by synchronicities, spectral visions, and telepathic messages purportedly broadcast by entities from the Sirius star system. Wilson would later call this era of his life “Chapel Perilous.” This is the story of how one great mind walked the line between open-mindedness and cosmic paranoia. 

Episode 16 - Robert Anton Wilson: The Great American Conspiracist

Can you make a conspiracy true by getting others to believe in it? The author of the quintessential conspiracy theory novel – “Illuminatus!”, Robert Anton Wilson helped spread paranoia about the Illuminati in more ways than one. When his friend was unjustly accused of involvement in the JFK assassination, Wilson and the Discordians mobilized one of America’s greatest civilian-led counter-intelligence operation. The fallout would haunt Wilson for the rest of his life.

Episode 15 - Atlantis II

In the final part of a series on Atlantis, Dane builds his case for the reality of Atlantis. First, he defends Plato’s honor against those who claim he made the story up. Next, Dane reviews the work of the notable pro-Altantis researchers: Ignatius Donnelly and Graham Hancock. Synthesizing the best evidence from disparate sources, Dane argues that we can reasonably believe that Plato’s story of Atlantis was based on stories told by the survivors of a global super-flood that marked the end of the ice age. 

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Episode 14 - Atlantis

Was Atlantis real? After a brief round-up of occult and esoteric news, Dane begins a two-part investigation into the origins of Atlantis. Part I focuses on the story of Atlantis as covered in the works of Plato.

Episode 13 - Yuletide Tales of Myth and Mystery

Chris and Dane explore three wintery tales that weave through the uncertain space between fact and fantasy. First, Chris reports on the Indian army’s alleged modern-day Yeti encounters in the Himalayas. Second, Dane recounts the strange case of Oliver Lerch’s disappearance into the skies of Indiana on Christmas eve, 1890. Next, the duo discusses H.P. Lovecraft’s mastery of mythic horror. Finally, Chris reads “The Festival,” Lovecraft’s story about a holiday homecoming that becomes a nightmarish encounter with the ancient and eldritch.  

Episode 12 - Galactic Federation or Fraudulation?

The episode begins with an international news round-up of UFOs and otherworldly visitations from the USA, France, and Israel. Next, Dane outlines French scientist & UFOlogist Jacques Vallée’s arguments against the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Finally, Chris and Dane confront their growing suspicions that there is a, possibly sinister, story of manipulation and control behind UFO phenomena.

Episode 11 - Psychedelic Mystery Beer Cults

Was the classical world bound together by a potent hallucinogen? Chris and Dane discuss Brian C. Muraresku’s New York Times best-selling book, “The Immortality Key: The Secret History of The Religion With No Name.” Muraresku argues that the Hellenistic world orbited around a mystery cult whose central ritual involved hallucinogenic beer. After assessing the evidence for ritualistic narcotic usage by the ancient Greeks, Chris and Dane shift the conversation to the nature of psychoactive spirituality and the possibility that America’s increasingly permissive attitude towards psychedelics could herald an imminent spiritual revival.

Episode Ten - The Bridgewater Triangle

Great evil has taken place in the southeastern corner of Massachusetts. The swamps have been the site of brutal combat and staggering betrayal. Violent cults have stalked the forests. It should come as no surprise that this is one of North America’s most haunted places. Chris and Dane outline the region with a constellation of stories about phantom hitchhikers, giant snakes, thunderbirds, UFOs, pukwudgies, ghostly fires, and native spirits. What is taking place in the Massachusetts wilderness? Is this simply a case of bad memories yet to be forgotten? Or is it something more sinister?  .

Episode Nine - Astrology

We are made of star stuff, orbiting a star, and dependent on that star. Does it not follow that stars rule our destiny? To explore that question, Chris and Dane unpack the case for astrology. After the team delves into the fundamentals of drawing up your horoscope, Chris discusses the possible role of seasonal change in explaining astrological signs. Dane speculates that astrology originated with ancient warring interplanetary civilizations. 

Episode Eight- Chicago-Style Mothman

Recent reports of giant birds and humanoid creatures over Northern Illinois have startled journalists into talking of the ‘Chicago Mothman.’ Is this the same cryptid that famously terrorized Point Pleasant, West Virginia, from 1966-67? Are these manifestations an ill portent for the windy city? Chris and Dane explore the possibilities in this Mothman-haunted episode.

Episode Seven - Shadow People

The most commonly encountered cryptid is also one of the most terrifying. Chris and Dane discuss true stories of encounters with shadow people from Jason Offutt’s book “Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us.” After that, we interview Jamie, a Connecticut woman who has been haunted by the shadow people for years.

Episode Six - Exorcisms

A quick trip to the Church bathroom turns into deliverance; a Don Juan forms an unholy alliance of sorts; grandma’s haunted bedroom. Chris and Dane map the possible explanations for exorcisms in this hell-raising episode!

Episode Five - Pentagon UAV Investigations

When U.S. naval pilots began capturing video confirmation of Unidentified Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the early 21st century, the U.S. government mobilized to assess the apparent threat to America’s military operators. Could UAVs be software glitches, terrestrial drones, a Pentagon disinformation campaign, or something even more sinister? Chris & Dane comprehensively review the past three years of public news and declassified intelligence about the military’s growing interest in the UAV phenomena. Critically evaluating every possibility, we present the best evidence available in human history that shows there is something seriously strange happening in America’s skies. 

Episode Four - Evidence for Psi

When a respected psychologist published a string of studies supporting extra-sensory perception in 2011, he set the academic world ablaze. Cornell psychologist, Daryl Bem’s article “Feeling the Future” has enraged some, delighted others, and cast doubt on the scientific foundation of psychology itself. Taking sides in the controversy, Chris and Dane square off in a debate over the infamous Bem experiments.