Season Five

62 - Examining The Case for an 'Ancient Apocalypse'

Professor of Anthropology at Kansas Univesity, John Hoopes, joins the show to critique the scientific credibility of Graham Hancock’s claims to have found evidence that a pre-historic human civilization was destroyed at the end of the ice age. Hancock’s work has exploded in familiarity recently after his multiple appearances on the Joe Rogan podcast and the debut of a Netflix docuseries showcasing his work, “Ancient Apocalypse,” that aired November 11th. But was there really an ancient apocalypse that reset humanity back to the stone age 12,000 years ago? Dr. Hoopes argues that the evidence is slim. In his view, the very idea of humanity passing through cycles of birth, death, and rebirth belongs to an occult tradition that makes use of tools and methods that are inconsistent with good scientific practice. The conversation also touches on recent claims that the native Americans of ancient Ohio were struck by a cometary impact 2,000 years ago.

61 - UFOs Over Missouri

An interview with Missouri State Assistant director of MUFON, Margie Kay, about MUFON and the dramatic upswing in UFOs over the state of Missouri. Margie tells us that there has been a UFO flap taking place all over the state of Missouri since August 2022. The conversation ranges from best practices for filming UFOs to some of the weirder aspects of recent Missouri UFO sightings, including encounters with ‘birds’ that reveal themselves to have machine-like properties. The interview ranges from the problem of figuring out what qualifies as investigation-worthy for MUFON to the prospect of aliens disguising themselves as drones. Why does Missouri have more UFO sightings and rank in the top ten states in the nation for UFOs? Margie suggests it may be that Missouri has more extraordinary activity.

60 - Global Paranoia Crisis

Distrust and conspiratorial thinking has gone mainstream around the world. In Russia, prominent people are ranting about satanic conspiracies inside Ukraine. In the U.S., they can’t even agree on what we should be afraid of. From Kanye West’s dirty mouth to Putin’s dirty bombs, the world’s so-called elites are increasingly convinced that nefarious forces are plotting their demise. Dane counsels everyone to please take it down a notch before someone gets nuked!

59 - Skinwalkers at The Pentagon

The Pentagon spent millions investigating Skinwalker Ranch and other paranormal hotspots from 2008 to 2010, but almost no one knew until some of the people involved published “Skinwalkers At The Pentagon” in 2021. This book purports to be the true story of a complex military intelligence inquiry into the paranormal, as recounted by the program manager himself and two co-investigators (including the reputable journalist, George Knapp). Dane reviews this book and its novel framing of certain UFO-related phenomena through a scientific and epidemiological lens. Although the authors are focused on the technical details in their book, the general picture of the phenomena they describe is more sinister than anything described in the works of celebrated UFOlogists, John Keel and Jacques Vallee. This book describes investigators haunted by cancer-causing and immune-system-destroying balls of light. The phenomenon shook up the Pentagon brass so severely that they allegedly labeled it ‘demonic’ and shut the research program down. While striving to be scientific and open-minded, the authors raise questions about whether their enthusiasm for creating a new science of the paranormal led them to throw caution to the wind at the expense of the health of nearly a half dozen government agents. Dane identifies the strengths and weaknesses of this redacted report by government insiders about their quest to understand the ultimate unknown.