Season Four

52 - The Book of Enoch: A Cryptidnomicon

Enoch. A mysterious biblical figure is described as ascending bodily into heaven in Genesis. He is alleged to have written a book of his travels through the cosmos and encounters with fallen angels; the eponymous “Book of Enoch.” This enigmatic text was revered by ancient Jews and Christians. Today, it is rejected by most established religions, but popular with counter-cultural spirituality and paranormal researchers.

Dane argues that the Book of Enoch is a cultural touchstone that brings together Christian, Jewish and Greek mythology. More than that, the text provides a unified account of the origins of evil including the origins of such ‘creepy evil’ as giants, sirens, evil spirits and fallen angels. Furthermore, the forces of darkness are located in diverse liminal spaces around the cosmos – from hollowed-out mountains to chaotic zones in outer space. This suggests the book is attempting to explain why we encounter paranormal phenomena in fringe and borderland locales. Taken together, all the unusual features of this book suggest we can best see it as a “cryptidnomicon” – a unified account of weird and disturbing fringe phenomena. The episode ends with Dane reviewing the impact the Book of Enoch has had on modern magicians, bigfoot research and UFOlogy.

51 - The Bizarre Life of Rocket Scientist and Occultist Jack Parsons

When he wasn’t testing rockets at Caltech, he was running a popular magick cult from his home. How could a man of science be a believer in the dark arts? How could the man who invented Jet Assisted Take Off (JATO) during WWII have also spent weeks trying to incarnate the antichrist? Dane reviews the sometimes disturbing life and lasting cultural influence of Jack Parsons. The episode ends with a discussion of allegations that Parsons is responsible for bringing UFOs to our world by opening a gateway to another dimension / Hell. I hope you enjoy the show!

50 - The People vs. AIMSOG

Congress attempted to bring the Department of Defense’s new Airborne Object Identification Management and Synchronization Group (AIMSOG) to account Tuesday with an open hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Although many left the briefing disappointed, a tense exchange over a mysterious memo raises new questions about what might be going on behind the scenes when it comes to Congress, the Department of Defense, and the search for the truth about UAPs. 

49 - Scientific Evidence of Ancient Aliens - Bruce Fenton Interview

Bruce R. Fenton, author of “Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans” comes onto the show for a deep dive into his theory that an interstellar object – possibly a spacecraft – exploded over ancient Australia. The discussion begins with Fenton recapping his 2020 book, before elaborating on how his research is developing. Fenton’s work is genuinely multi-disciplinary, integrating published results from anthropology, geology and astronomy to support his case that something extraordinary happened in the Southern Hemisphere over 780,000 years ago. If the strongest version of Fenton’s theory turns out to be true, then that event transformed our ancestors into early modern man. Anyone who genuinely wants empirical evidence before countenancing an ancient aliens theory can’t afford to miss this conversation.

48 - Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans

Could extra-terrestrials have intervened in primate evolution to accelerate the emergence of humans? Bruce and Daniella Fenton think so. Their book “Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans: A Scientific History of Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation” promises scientific evidence in support of alien intelligent design. Dane reports on the scientific content and the degree to which it actually does support an intervention hypothesis. The answer has a lot less to do with genetic anomalies and more to do with Australian meteorites.

47 - On The Survival of Hominoids

Anthropologist Gregory Forth is making waves ahead of the publication of his new book “Between Ape and Human,” telling the media that the extinct hobbit-man, Homo Floresiensis, is still living in Indonesia. The uncertainty surrounding the extinction of this hominoid species raises questions related to the long-term survival of the human race: Could the Ukraine war go nuclear? Would UFOs intervene to prevent WWIII? And is Musk’s purchase of Twitter a step away from the apocalypse…or towards it?