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Spectral Skull Session is a podcast and research community dedicated to bringing the weird in from out in the cold. All phenomena supernatural, paranormal, spiritual and occult (occult means ‘hidden’) fall within the scope of our inquiries.

We believe in always FIRST engaging the extraordinary on its own terms. We know that SOMETHING is going on that society, in its current state of development, isn’t quite able to grok. And so, we’re committed to giving experiencers a place to be not just heard, but listened to. Our interviews are charitable, open-minded, and open-ended. We want those who have passed beyond the boundaries of consensus reality to have a warm welcome home and a friendly hearing.

We also want to push those boundaries further, while navigating between the Scylla of error and the Charybdis of madness. This is tricky when the subject matter defies categorization, when evidence is evasive, and popular opinions entrenched. And so, we draw from the entire panoply of tools used by science, philosophy, and journalism. We believe in doing the reading and taking notes, asking dangerous questions, checking sources, running experiments, trying everything once without drinking the kool-aide, and keeping a mind that’s open but not so open that our brains fall out.

We are seekers looking for the edges of reality. When we get there, we drop a buoy or build a lighthouse. And then keep going.

 The edge can be a weird and dangerous place sometimes. All the literature says that there are risks. Forbidden knowledge is forbidden for a reason. Some unopened bottles have genies and some have Djinn. Some scientists really do go mad. Some journalists do worse (no one knows what happened to Ambrose Pierce’s body, or what John Keel talked to on the telephone, and even Hunter S. Thompson seems to have glimpsed something he wasn’t ever able to shake). Because if you stray too far from the well-trodden path, there is always the risk that you might not be able to find your way back.

But we have to go, because the road to knowledge is narrow and hidden, while the path to Hell is wide and easy. We seek the virtuous mean between extremes. The narrow gate that opens only for the worthy initiate.

That’s why our motto is: STAY STRANGE AND STAY SANE.  



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