Season Six

From January to August, 2023, the show covered the steadily building tempo of UFO-related news coming out the U.S. government, with stories about real conspiracies, the Russo-Ukraine war, and the acclaimed power of DMT, to add spice.

84 - Peruvian 'Face-Peelers'

The Ikitu people of northeastern Peru are under nightly siege by 7-foot tall armored humanoids. They say they know these creatures as ‘Pelacaras’ or ‘Face Peelers’. The Peruvian government blames illegal mining. Local conspiracy theorists blame a far-right ideology known as ‘Fujimorism’. So what are the Pelacaras and what do they want with northeastern Peru? 

83 - Whitley Strieber's Communion

Strieber’s book “Communion: A True Story” introduced the American public to the alien abduction narrative. But what really happened to Strieber? 

81 - Esoteric UFO Hypotheses

U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher has appeared in the news discussing four possible explanations for UFOs, each one stranger than the last. 

80.5 Russian Coup Canceled

Wagner’s “March for Justice” has ended peacefully. Dane explains why the real winner was the social media app Telegram, and how you can adapt ancient renaissance practices to better understand global news. 

80 - Russian Coup Underway

Russian mercenary leader, Prigozhin, has announced a “march for justice” and mobilized up to fifty-thousand troops for a siege of Moscow. This special report was recorded as the coup happened on June 24th, 2023.  

79 - UFO Whistleblowers Go Wild

An update on David Grusch, Steven Greer and other alleged whistleblowers; Congress demands answers; Rep. Anna Paulina Luna escapes the Soviet mob. 

78 - Pentagon Whistleblowers Declare That Crashed UFOs are Real

A highly-credentialed frmr. U.S. Intelligence officer reports illegally concealed UFO programs inside the intelligence community. Are these allegations the beginning of alien disclosure, a revelation about massive U.S. military misconduct, or a bizarre hoax?

77 - Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans with Bruce Fenton

The author of “Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans” returns for an update on his research into alien intervention in prehistoric human development. We talk archeology, astro-geology, and genetics. Plus, Fenton’s research is garnering growing attention and financial backing.

76 - Bildebergers, RFK Jr., Lyndon LaRouche and Soros

A review of the big, recent conspiratorial news: What is the Bilderberg Group and are they meeting to try and head off an AI apocalypse? Former Roscosmos chief questions American moon landing. RFK Jr., and Lyndon LaRouche and the conspiratorial American presidential candidate. Musk v. Magneto, who will win? Don’t forget to build-a-samosa. 

75 - The Piedmont Lights

When a professor of physics started poking into reports of strange lights in the Ozark highlands, he found himself entangled in the Southeastern Missouri UFO flap of ’73. The Piedmont lights are a mystery from recent history that continues to haunt the region to the present day. 

74 - UFOs and AI

According to the Pentagon’s new UFO-report clearing house, the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), metallic orbs are buzzing America’s military service men and women. Meanwhile, the Russo-Ukranian war enters a terrifyingly unstable new phase. And Elon Musk warns that AI may destroy the world, but is he trying to hinder the apocalypse….or hurry it along?

73 - Neurotheology (DMT series part III)

Could DMT induce spiritual beliefs by activating a pre-existing disposition latent in the human mind? This episode ranges over modern Egypt, the rantings of Alex Jones, and the bizarre angelic manifestations in the Hebrew bible, to build the case that DMT spirituality may be an extreme manifestation of something deeply embedded inside the human psyche. 

72 - Tech Alien and Otherwise

Weird and alien tech has been dominating the news. British
scientists unlocked cheap super-conductivity. The mysterious ‘Wilson memo’ alleges a blackbox Pentagon program is reverse engineering UFOs. The Pentagon and Harvard have teamed up to outline what an actual active alien mission to Earth might look like. 

71 - President Obrador and The Escalator of Doom

The ancient Mayan elves known as “Aluxe” may have released ‘proof of life’ through a photograph released by Mexico’s President. The Aluxe have a more interesting backstory than is being reported. Meanwhile, China tries to halt the march to WWIII. 

70 - Alien Information Theory (DMT series part II)

Computational neurobiologist, Andrew Gallimore, is a fundamentalist about DMT hyperspace. But where is the argument and evidence? 

69 - Airships Menace U.S.

Menacing objects shot down over North America have been linked to a secret Chinese balloon-based surveillance program. But, not all of the four interlopers downed by the Pentagon in the past eight days fit the description of balloons. What is going on over America’s skies? 

68 - America Under News Blackout

Important news that makes the U.S. government and foreign allies look not-so-great is deliberately ignored by print media, TV and cable news inside the U.S. Thankfully, their neglect is fueling an explosion of high quality independent journalism. Could a golden age of American media be happening right under our noses?

67 - Interrogating Psychonautica (DMT series part I)

Some people who use DMT become fundamentalists about the reality of the entities they encounter while under its influence. What might they know that we don’t know?