Season Six

77 - Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans with Bruce Fenton

Fenton returns for an update on his research into possible extraterrestrial intervention in prehistoric human development. Fenton’s work revolves around the scientific corroboration of a Fenton has been finding scientific evidence that corroborates a story first related to persons in Australia through an interaction with an aboriginal mystical artifact. His research draws from converging lines of evidence from anthropology, geology, and genetics. The conversation starts with an outline of the astonishing story of an alien “megastructure” being destroyed in Earth orbit and the survivors taking an interest in the manipulation of our pre-human ancestors. It quickly pivots to a discussion of the mainstream academic geological controversy around a massive strewn field of silica debris scattered across Asia and Australia. Fenton links the debris field to the megastructure, posited by his anthropological sources. Importantly, Fenton points out that academics have struggled to explain the debris field, whereas his hypothesis that a megastructure was destroyed in Earth orbit uniquely explains various mysteries associated with the debris. Next, Fenton reviews the genetic evidence showing that dramatic and improbable changes in the ancestral human genome began around the same time as the event that created the debris field. Finally, the conversation pivots to the growing interest in Fenton’s work, from the popularity of his 2022 scientific pre-print, to his securing of independent financial backing for additional research. It ends with a discussion of how Fenton’s research relates to recent developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Could the aliens be less interested in us humans and more interested in the thinking machines we are in the process of creating? Could there be a glitch in human cognitive architecture that makes it difficult for mainstream society to grapple seriously with the possibility of alien intervention in the human genome? This is a heady and detailed discussion that no one interested in real scientific evidence for ancient aliens can afford to miss!

76 - Bildebergers, RFK Jr., Lyndon LaRouche and Soros

vA review of the big, recent conspiratorial news: What is the Bilderberg Group and are they meeting to try and head off an AI apocalypse? Former Roscosmos chief questions American moon landing. RFK Jr., and Lyndon LaRouche and the conspiratorial American presidential candidate. Musk v. Magneto, who will win? Don’t forget to build-a-samosa. 

75 - The Piedmont Lights

When a professor of physics started poking into reports of strange lights in the local highlands, he found himself entangled in the great 1973 UFO flap of Southeastern Missouri. When he published his book “Project Identification” he turned the small town of Piedmont’s spooky lights into one of the best scientifically documented UFO cases in history. As his research continued through the 70’s, the professor would be drawn into the High Strangeness and associated hijinks that often follow in the wake of sustained inquiry into the paranormal. The Piedmont lights are a mystery from recent history that continues to haunt the region to the present day. 

74 - UFOs and AI

According to the Pentagon’s new UFO-report clearing house, the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), metallic orbs are buzzing America’s military service men and women. Meanwhile, the Russo-Ukranian war enters a terrifyingly unstable new phase. And Elon Musk warns that AI may destroy the world, but is he trying to hinder the apocalypse….or hurry it along?

73 - Neurotheology (DMT series part III)

Could DMT induce spiritual beliefs by activating a pre-existing disposition latent in the human mind? We examine this possibility in the astonishing conclusion to our exploration of why some people believe that the entities encountered while using the psychedelic DMT are real. After recapping previous coverage of DMT-induced spiritual belief, this episode pivots to examine traditionally religious people – Christians, Jews and Muslim – who are fundamentalists about DMT entities. Many of these people have not, and never will, experiment with psychedelics, but have nevertheless found a place within their conceptual schemas for admitting the reality of DMT entities as angels, demons or djinn. The episode then turns to the work of Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Rick Strassman. Strassman, who converted to Judaism as a result of his research and experimentation with DMT, makes the case for ‘neurotheology’ – the existence of a distinct neurological circuit inside the human brain that facilitates prophetic encounters. This episode ranges over modern Egypt, the rantings of Alex Jones, and the bizarre angelic manifestations in the Hebrew bible, to build the case that DMT spirituality may be an extreme manifestation of something deeply embedded inside the human psyche. 

72 - Tech Alien and Otherwise

New tech and rumors of alien tech have been all over the U.S. news in March. First, British scientists made a breakthrough in superconductivity that could revolutionize the transportation and energy industries. Second, some context to make sense of why Congressman Tim Burchett told Newsweek he’s confident that the U.S. has a captured alien spacecraft. Dane suspects the answer is the mysterious ‘Wilson Memo’ found in the estate of the late Edgar Mitchell that details an alleged conversation about a black-box reverse engineering program inside the U.S. government. Finally, the Pentagon and Harvard have teamed up to outline what an actual active alien mission to Earth might look like. 

71 - President Obrador and The Escalator of Doom

The ancient Mayan elves known as “Aluxe” may have released ‘proof of life’ through a photograph released by Mexico’s President. Some background research reveals the Aluxe have a more interesting backstory than is being reported in legacy media. Meanwhile, the Russo-Ukranian war continues to escalate towards WWIII, even as China positions itself to mediate and potentially put an end to the chaos.

70 - Alien Information Theory

Computational neurobiologist, Andrew Gallimore, has a theory about what takes places inside the brain when a person uses DMT. Shockingly, this published neuroscientist maintains that DMT affords our brains access to a higher dimension. Dane reviews Gallimore’s book and gives a critical analysis, arguing that the gaps in Gallimore’s argument support his own theory that DMT undermines our rational faculties.

69 - Airships Menace U.S.

Menacing objects shot down over North America have been linked to a secret Chinese balloon-based surveillance program. But, not all of the four interlopers downed by the Pentagon in the past eight days fit the description of balloons. What is going on over America’s skies? Could the Pentagon be suffering from a case of ‘war nerves’? Is China plotting to strike the U.S.A? Or are we being revisited by the mysterious airship captains of 1896-97?

68 - America Under News Blackout

Dane builds the case that interesting and important news that makes the U.S. government and foreign allies look not-so-great is deliberately ignored by print media, TV and cable news inside the U.S. Meanwhile, the terrible coverage of legacy media is fueling an explosion of high quality independent journalism. Could a golden age of American media be happening right under our noses?

67 - Interrogating Psychonautica

How can you learn anything about external reality from an experience that takes place entirely inside your own head? Initially skeptical of psychonauts, Dane reviewed DMT user reports and found five characteristic properties that seem to be self-authenticating. DMT users say their experiences contain elements that are hyper-real, not like being intoxicated, wonderous, trigger synchronicities, and demonstrate interpersonal stability. Dane compares the inference from mystical DMT vision to the reality of the supernatural to the writings of the great French philosopher Renee Descartes. In doing so, he builds the case that we can make sense of why many people who use DMT change their spiritual and metaphysical beliefs in response to the events that take place under its influence. Whatever you may think of all this, there’s no escaping from the larger cultural ramifications of a molecule that makes people take the supernatural seriously.