Season Three

Episode 46 - Will The Real Rasputin Please Stand Up?

Dane examines a variety of articles and rumors linking the deceased sage to Russian President Vladamir Putin. Rejecting the argument that Putin is the reincarnation or clone of Rasputin, Dane makes the case that the better Rasputin is Russian political philosopher Alexander Dugin. As early as 1997, Dugin called for the invasion of Georgia, Ukraine and the mass murder of Ukrainians – all of which have been attempted by the Russian regime. This suggests that Dugin really does have significant influence over Russia’s rulers, just as the late Rasputin exerted malevolent influence over the Russian royal family. The episode ends probing allegations that Dugin has connections to various occult philosophies, with Dane surprised to find that he really does think that Dugin is playing an evil role in steering Russia and the world towards calamity.

Episode 45 - The Weird Ideas of Journalist John Keel (part II)

The conversation with Ted from The Gaslight Hour podcast continues. Starting from Keel’s cult classic “The Eighth Tower,”  this session maps Keel’s ideas onto the landscape of contemporary lore. We learn that Keel’s travels exposed him to the arcane theology of the middle eastern Yezidi people. These so-called ‘devil-worshipers’ gave Keel the idea of a machine that projects influence over human history in the form of specters, apparitions, and religious manias. Integrating this idea with his research, Keel proposed that the increasingly bizarre nature of UFO and cryptid encounters might be a sign that unknown occult influencers are in need of a new means of control – the Eighth Tower.

This line of speculation leads to a discussion of modern esoterica, including the ‘name game’, synchronicities,  ‘dead internet theory’, and whether the world wide web could be a trojan horse for reasserting weird dominion over our haunted planet. The conversation ends with a discussion of the psychic perils of daring to think like John A. Keel. Could the Eighth Tower be 5G? Reddit? Or something else too dangerous to even contemplate? 

Episode 44 - The Weird Ideas of Journalist John Keel

An interview with Ted from The Gaslight Hour Podcast about the American journalist and UFOlogist, John Keel. Starting in the early 1970s, Keel began publishing books and articles that pushed back against the idea that UFOs are flying machines originating from elsewhere in our universe. His twelve books on the paranormal take a broader view that integrates the flying saucer phenomena into hauntings, cryptids, and demonic possession. Most of this first half of the discussion focuses on the evolution of Keel’s thought; from his ideas about breakaway civilizations, to his ‘ultra-terrestrial’ and ‘superspectrum’ hypotheses. Towards the end, the conversation shifts to some of Keel’s intellectual influences including Charles Fort, Jacques Vallee, and an esoteric cyberneticist.

Episode 43 - Conspiracies in Plain Sight

Dane makes the case for the existence of an “integrated control network” (ICN) which increasingly weaponizes the label ‘misinformation’ as a tool of social control inside the United States. Dane outlines some of the ICN’s operations through a discussion of the recent controversies surrounding the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. 

Episode 42 - The Ancient Comet That Torched Ohio

New research published in the journal “Nature,” marshals archeological findings and oral histories to make the case that a comet blasted ancient Ohio less than two thousand years ago, dramatically shaping native American culture, and possibly initiating the collapse of an entire civilization.

Episode 41 - Materialism, Spirituality, and Meaning in a Nation in Crisis - Conversation with Luther Wissa

As we transition to 2022, S3 sits down with a friend and returning guest, Luther Wissa for a conversation titled “Materialism, Spirituality, and Meaning in a Nation in Crisis.” Topics range from Adam McKay’s film “Don’t Look Up,” to greed, the corporate capture of the U.S. political system, cults, and why S3 doesn’t do conspiracy theory. Happy New Year everyone! 

Episode 40 - Interview with Neal Sibley (PART II) - Deception by Design

Neal Sibley discusses his book “Deception by Design”. This second part of the interview ranges over ghosts, hauntings, UFOs, and the works of the paranormal investigator John Keel. In the intro, Dane proposes that a theory of the paranormal can be treated like any other scientific hypothesis and outlines criteria for critically assessing Sibley’s thesis that ghosts and UFOs are best understood through a biblical lense. 

Episode 39 - Congress, Stanford suggest "adverse physiological effects" of UAP encounters

Congress is now expected to establish a multi-year program to study the threat posed by UAPs after Senator Gillibrand’s amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act passed the House, December 7th. Meanwhile, Stanford Professor of Pathology, Gary Nolan, gave a wild interview linking Havanna Syndrome, UAPs and Skinwalker Ranch to neurological damage and a previously unknown brain structure. This unscheduled “emergency-bonus” episode will update you on the most significant news of our time in under 20 minutes. 

Episode 38 - Interview with Neal Sibley - The Bell Witch of Tennesse & The Biblical Interpretation of The Paranormal

Author and screenwriter, Neal Sibley, discusses the Bell Witch of Tennesse and his belief that this famous 19th-century haunting was the work of a fallen angel. This is the first in a two-part interview focusing on Sibley’s new book “Deception by Design: Understanding The Paranormal from a Biblical Perspective.”

Episode 37 - Mysterious Georgia

Ten mysteries of the nation of Georgia, including pagan revivals, cryptids, shamanic possession, mystery bone pits, and a possible connection between Georgia and Atlantis. If you have any inside information about Georgia (Sakartvelo) contact the show at

Episode 36 - Anomalous Investigations and Space Poltergeists

A proposed amendment to the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act would create a permanent office to investigate UAPs. Digging into the legislation, Dane unravels a thread that leads to a Harvard astronomer, a former intelligence official, and possible space poltergeists.

Episode 35 - The Strange Last Days of Philip K. Dick

In 1977, the legendary American author gave an unnerving speech in Metz, France. Speaking at a science fiction convention, Dick claimed that his published novels were received transmissions from alternative realities and speculated that Jesus was a time-traveler. What happened to the late Philip K. Dick? Confronting evidence to the contrary, Dane argues that the man was not insane, but a creative genius who set the stage for pro-science reboots of mainstream religions, as of yet to be realized.

Episode 34 - Glossolalia: The Ancient Art of Speaking in Tongues

Luther Wissa is a lifelong practitioner of glossolalia, an American businessman, and author. He first started speaking in tongues at age 11, while attending a retreat in his birthplace of Egypt. Wissa describes glossolalia as a kind of meditation that anyone can practice, regardless of their religious beliefs or metaphysical commitments. The conversation ranges over esoteric spiritual practices,  evolutionary explanations for glossolalia, and how accessing an alternative state of consciousness helped Wissa write his first book, “The Race: What’s Wrong With Capitalism and How to Fix It” (available here).