Season Three

Episode 37 - Mysterious Georgia

Ten mysteries of the nation of Georgia, including pagan revivals, cryptids, shamanic possession, mystery bone pits, and a possible connection between Georgia and Atlantis. If you have any inside information about Georgia (Sakartvelo) contact the show at

Episode 36 - Anomalous Investigations and Space Poltergeists

A proposed amendment to the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act would create a permanent office to investigate UAPs. Digging into the legislation, Dane unravels a thread that leads to a Harvard astronomer, a former intelligence official, and possible space poltergeists.

Episode 35 - The Strange Last Days of Philip K. Dick

In 1977, the legendary American author gave an unnerving speech in Metz, France. Speaking at a science fiction convention, Dick claimed that his published novels were received transmissions from alternative realities and speculated that Jesus was a time-traveler. What happened to the late Philip K. Dick? Confronting evidence to the contrary, Dane argues that the man was not insane, but a creative genius who set the stage for pro-science reboots of mainstream religions, as of yet to be realized.

Episode 34 - Glossolalia: The Ancient Art of Speaking in Tongues

Luther Wissa is a lifelong practitioner of glossolalia, an American businessman, and author. He first started speaking in tongues at age 11, while attending a retreat in his birthplace of Egypt. Wissa describes glossolalia as a kind of meditation that anyone can practice, regardless of their religious beliefs or metaphysical commitments. The conversation ranges over esoteric spiritual practices, ¬†evolutionary explanations for glossolalia, and how accessing an alternative state of consciousness helped Wissa write his first book, “The Race: What’s Wrong With Capitalism and How to Fix It” (available¬†here).