Imagery from episode 21

Debunkers are gonna debunk no matter the argument.

True Believers are gonna believe regardless of the evidence.

Not us. We walk the line. 

We seek to uncover truths that are just outside the edge of consensus reality, using the tools of rationality, critical thinking, and open-mindedness. Searching for the answers is fun. It also sharpens our cognitive toolkit. John Stuart Mill maintained that even the refutation of false ideas contributes toward enlightenment, so we can’t really go wrong as long as we’re earnestly engaged trying to find the truth. 

The host, Dane, is an academically-trained philosopher (Ph.D.). He’s deploying his research and analytic skills toward exploring phenomena that are not currently part of consensus reality. This includes emerging new religions and spiritual practices, misunderstood or forgotten historical events, and controversial findings in the sciences. He works to keep the sessions both edifying and entertaining. 

What distinguishes each session from other fringe and paranormal podcasts and vlogs floating around in the oc-culture? We can think. We can research. We cite our sources. And yet, even so, ‘these eyes don’t roll’ (c).

Nothing is too weird for us to contemplate. For the show’s motto is: “Stay Strange and Stay Sane” (c).  

Enough ranting. Click on the skull to go to the podcast…