#23 – Sino-Wunderwaffen or Breakaway Civilization?

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Hello to our listeners in the United States. and to our audience around the world. Whether you be on the surface of the Earth, or below, in low earth orbit, or in a parallell universe:

Greetings from the tiny, latin American nation of Panama.From the rugged Tabasará mountains of the continental divide. We’ve missed a week on the Spectral Skull Session. I have been conducting interviews, reaching out to the alternative spiritual communities of Central and South America, and doing literature reviews for future episodes. All this and more while dealing with power outages and wind storms. But as the Russians say whenever they invade Crimea: the show must continue it’s onward going of course.

Today we will be doing a News roundup. There is so much happening in global news of the weird, that we need an episode covering it. The focus for today’s roundup will be the Pacific Rim Region. I maintain in this episode that a new locus of mystery has coalesced on this half of the globe, spanning from the western edge of the United States, to the eastern shores of China. This episode raises the question: what is happening in the Pacific Ocean?

But let’s begin with a quick nature story from Antarctica. Scientists drilling into Antarctica discovered a slurry of plant and animal life one mile underneath the ice. This occurred on the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf—a five-hour flight from the nearest Antarctic station.

A science team was attempting to extract a sample of the sediment from the mud underneath the ice in Antarctica. This required a borehole that went more than a half-mile deep.

After the scientists lowered a camera into the hole, it came back with pictures from a layer of liquid between the mud floor and the rice. There they found: bacterial mats, an alien-like sponge and other stalked animals attached to a large stone. They also found stouter, cylindrical sponges hugging the surface. This unexpected finding has been published in the academic Journal Frontiers in Marine Science.

One of the things that made this finding so baffling, is that there’s no nearby source of energy. Typically an ecosystem needs an energy input – either sunlight, geothermal in the vicinity. Various different kinds of creatures can prey on the organisms that work directly with heat energy. We humans are an example. We eat plants, animals, and don’t forget fungi. We steal their hard-earned energy – the nutrients and complex molecules that compose their bodies become part of us, so that we can survive at their expense. Now, of the organisms we brutally assimilate into our bodies, ALL of them either themselves do the same to other organisms or they make use of some kind of energy gradient to power the direct extraction of nutrients. Plants, as you know, make use of sunlight to power the production of sugars. Bacteria that live along undersea vents, oxidize the hydrogen sulfide that comes out of the vent, to produce energy. And, as I understand it, hydrogen sulfide is an unstable molecule that is produces by volcanic processes, so those bacteria are basically free-loading off of volcanoes. While plants free-load off of the sun. And the rest of us ultimately freeload off of plants. Even fungi, who are otherwise upstanding organisms.

Now, many of you will know that there is life deep in the Earth’s oceans. And most of it is NOT powered by geothermal vents. So how does THAT life hang on? The answer is horrifying: it’s called marine snow. So, there’s so much biological life in our oceans – so much plankton, and fish, and crabs, and shrimp, and just everything you can imagine. Those organisms are constantly shedding and dying and decomposing. And the whole process of life, death, combined with the churning of the ocean currents, creates a white powdery substance that falls into the abyssal layers of the ocean. There are entire ecosystems down there. The abyssal zone, which is the part of the ocean that is PITCH BLACK starts 4,000 meters down, that’s about 2.4 miles.

So, the creatures in the abyssal zone have ecosystems that run mostly off of this marine snow, which is ground up decomposiing organic matter. It’s like ocean dandruff. Imagine a community of organisms that depend entirely on dandruff. But they’re doing fine down there in the absyssal zone. They have all kinds of stationary creatures and weird fish that eat the stationary creatures, and even weirder fishes that each those fish. So they have a whole world down there, running off of dandruff.

Ok. So as desperate as that situation sounds in the abyssal plane, this mini-ecosystem that the scientists found was nearly frozen underneath a half mile of ice, at the South Pole. So, where is the energy gradient or the nutrient influx that keeps the community going?

The scientists figure that the marine animals they’ve found under the ice are feeding off of sites at least 300 miles away where the water breaks through the ice. They’re inferfered that there must be channels of water underneath Antartica, and they’re postulating that something like the ‘marine snow’ phenomena that fuels the abyssal plane of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, but it’s happening horizontally instead of vertically.

Well, maybe. But remember. With scientists. They do a lot of work and they have my respect, but at least half the time they are totally making things up. When scientists are making things up, they call it a “theory,” a theory is just a story that’s good enough that someone else will pay you to check out whether it is true. That is how science works.

And you thought that the Abyssal plane was being run by a bunch of parasites…

So who knows what could be underneath the ice in Antartica? Let’s hope that these eggheaded scientists don’t pull up the frozen body of a man who looks exactly like Kurt Russell’s character from The Thing, that classical horror film by John Carpenter.

And in physics-related news, Many people will be familiar with the warp drive. Although the name can be traced back to the sci-fi of the 20th century United States, including but not limited to, the original Star Trek, the possibility of faster-than-light travel was endorsed by Mexican Mathematican and Physicist, Miguel Alcubierr. In 1994 peer-reviewed research publication, Alcubierre outlined his plan for the propulsion of a spacecraft through the use of ‘exotic matter’. Exotic matter is any kind of material that theroetically can exist, or even should exist given the models prefered by contemporary physics, but hasn’t been observed or only has been observed in small amounts. The exotic matter required for Alcubierre’s drive is a kind of matter that gives off negative gravitational field. Using this negative gravitational field, the Alcubierre drive would compress space in front of the craft, move the spacce around to the back of the ship and then, decompress that space behind. In this way, the ship could literally warp space to relocate itself at very high speeds. Unfortunately, in addition to requiring a form of exotic matter that has never been proven to exist, the Alcubierre drive also required a quantity of exotic matter with a greater mass than the planet Jupiter.

A more efficient warp drive, requiring less exotic mass, was described in the book “Faster Than Light: Warp Drive and Quantum Vacuum Power (Lost Science)” by  H. David Froning published in 2019 and available on Amazon right now. And then in 2011, the amount of exotic matter required was further reduced to a quantity similar to the mass of the space probes being used today.

But in April, 2020 two engineers from Chicago, Jessica Gallanis and Eytan Halm Suchard published a patent application for a new warp drive that they say is both physically possible, and does not require ANY exotic matter. Instead it runs entirely on the use of electromagnetic fields to warp space.

Dr. Jason Cassibry, a professor at the Propulsion Research Center at the University of Alabama Huntsville expressed skepticism. A member of his lab made a statement to the press, saying “. Based on some of the papers I’ve looked at, there is indeed a relation between highly concentrated magnetic field energy, like in a huge solenoid, and a positive gravity well. But the amount of energy required to be detectable is quite large, and, although doable, that experiment has not been run yet,”

And so, the warp drive remains only a theoretical possibility, but we can all hold out hope that the development of new technologies for interstellar travel may be right around the corner…

This reminds me of a topic I heard about back in 2016, this was a thruster-free propulsion device that uses Microwaves. This is the EM-drive, designed by Roger Shawyer in 1998. if you bounce microwaves around inside a copper tube, they exert more force in one direction than the other, creating a net thrust without the need for any propellant.

I’ve tried to test this myself, but I can’t get my microwave to turn on with the door open.

Anyway, the EM-drive is supposed to be promising as an alternative to thrusters on sateillites. NASA supposedly looked into building an EM drive, but the resutls were controversial. Meanwhile, the China’s Science and Technology Daily reported that China’s space program was already testing an EmDrive in orbit. According to one source, whose full identity could be confirmed, the Chinese have been funding research in the area since 2011, they have proven the drive works at a microscale, and are making plans to scale it up. Another source reports that the Chinese government is making plans to install an EM drive on the Chinese space station the Tiangong-2

It’s very scary to think of the Chinese actively implementing a new technology while the Americans can’t even decide if the technology exists. Let’s hope this isn’t the case. The last thing we want is Chinese-powered microwaves taking over the skies.

..This leads to another story about advanced technologies being deployed in the vicinity of the Earth.


The Warzone reports that in 2019, multiple U.S. Destroyers were swarmed by mysterious lights, which were declared to be drones, but were never positively identified.

The drones began showing up in July, 2019. Appearing during the evening, as many as six at a time would swarm around the Navy ships. The sailors noted the drones were able to operate for prolonged periods – long in excess of what any existing commerical drone can do. The sailors also noted the drones operated in low-visibility conditions, were highly coordinated in their flight patterns, and also operated brazenly inside a sensitive U.S. Military training range.

The ensuing investigation included elements of the Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Federal Burea of Investigation.

The Warzone was able to gather information on these investigations using Freedom of Information Act requests. They learned that the events involved at least five different destroyers.

Shortly after the USS Kidd began encountering drones on July 14th, the ship’s commanding officer ordered the implication of “emissions control” or EMCON protocols, designed to minimize the ship’s electronic emissions profile.

The encounters were noteworthy enough that they led to the mobilization of documentarians known as The Ship Nautical or Othewise Photographic Interpretation and Exploitation or “SNOOPIE” teams.

The SNOOPE teams brandish commercial grade cameras and they run around photographing unusual or important events. They sound like the Naval version of the Paparazzi. You can imagine these naval guys, and gals, shouting “hey drone, look over here!” and “hey drone, I heard your latest movie was a flop, are you going to have to sell your condo in clearwater?”

The ships log entries contain references to the sighting of a red flashing light, and then a white light hovering over the ship’s flight deck. The log reflects that the drone managed to match the destroyer’s speed with the craft moving at 16 knots in order to maintain a hovering position over the ship’s helicopter landing pad. The Warzone comments that this would have been a technically impressive feat.

Another log entry for the USS kid simply states “Multiple UAVs around ship” while the logs on another ship describe an event from 7:30 until almost 8:00 in which multiple drones were dropping in elevation, and apparently moving forward and backward, left and right.

That same ship also recorded a radio call from a passing cruise ship, the Carnival Imagination, the Carnival notified the navy that they were also seeing 5 – 6 drones manuvering nearby and that the drones were not asociated with the cruise ship.

Sorry to hear that, I know when I think about taking a cruise I ask myself “Will I be able to send drones out to harass the local naval destroyers?” and when the answer is no, I do something else entirely.

The Warzone notes that the ensuing invesitgation went up the chain of the command to the highest ranks of the U.S. Navy. This indicates that the encounter was not a simple case of experimental aircraft involved in top secret test being accidentally being deployed too close to operating naval craft. The warzone ends their report by noting that no one ever described any details connected to the mysterious lights, putting the very label “drone” in question. Were these even drones at all, or would they have been better labeled merely as “UFOs”?

I also want to note that The Warzone has several stories on their website about mystery drones. Apparently, a drone swarm descended on the Palo Verde nuclear power plant in September 2019. The Palo Verde power plant is less than 50 miles away from the Phoenix Arizona. The FAA literally described the event in one document as a “drone-a-poluza.”

I believe that drone-a-puluza is a technical term, describing a festival of flying objects that is widely acclaimed, but which no one ever actually attends.

Another event, also happening in 2019 at Anderson Air Force base in Guam, involved repeated drone intrusions that appeared to be targeting the THAAD missile battery. This is The High Altitude Area Defense battery, which exists to shoot down ballistic missiles that may be targeted at the island or elsehwere. Only in the Guam incident were the drones described as “quadracopter-like” and having spotlights.

All of this suggests to me that something is happening in the Pacific Ocean.

Related to this, on March 27th, 2021, the Japanese military revealed their plans to upgrade their troop presence on the island of Yonaguni. This news comes to us from 6PArk news. Their slogan is “The only English News for Chinese people,” However, They did not ask my nationality and so I was able to read the story anyway. Thank you, 6park news.

Yonaguni, it should be noted is just 11 miles away from Taiwan. The Japanese government has been raising concerns lately about a possible invasion of Taiwan by the People’s Republic of China. Because Japan’s constitution limits military action by Japan to self-defense, Japan’s government has been scrambling to search for ways that they could legally justify coming to the aide of Taiwan in the event of a war.

However, the name Yonaguni may ring a bell for many of our listeners. Right off the shore of this island, is the famous underwater Japanese Pyramid.

An ancient ziggurat-like structure, it rises up from a depth of 25 meters that’s 82 feet. The complex, which appears to be a man-made step pyramind is over  165 feet (50 metres) long and some 65 feet (20 metres) wide

The existence of this precious monument, of completely unknown origin, on the island of Yonaguni, begs the question of whether the Japanese military is stepping up their presence because of China’s growing threats against Taiwan, or whether Japan is preparing to make a move to investigate, or at least secure, the underwater site.

All of these stories together – the stories about research being done on breakthrough new propulsion technologies, the drone swarms in the Pacific, and now the Japanese moving additional troops to an island near Taiwan. All these things suggest to me that we may be witnessing ‘cold war’ style action in the Pacific.

And the most obvious possibility is that the U.S., or China, or both are deploying some kind of wunderwaffen drone technology against the other. Wunderwaffen of course is German for “super weapon” and I use it refer to the advanced technologies sought by the Germans in both world war I and II in the hopes that they would acquire a technological edge.

But, there’s another possible twist. What if what’s happening is that all the increased military activity in the Pacific has stirred up an alien base, or even an undersea race – there could be advanced beings that share this planet with us, prefering to stay in the deep ocean. Perhaps these beings are witnessing the increased military activity in the Pacific – and they’ve started sending up drones to buzz the human militaries and say “please go away, we don’t want your naval paparazzis in our neigborhood.”

So, I think we’re looking at two possible layers here. Of course, there is the overt cold war between the United States and China, which is increasingly centered around Chinese agression against Taiwan. But then there may also be a standoff between humans and an underwater civilization, of some kind. This idea of multiple interacting standoffs creates the possibility of shifting alliances and advanced intrigue that could put the cold war to shame.

Or there could even be a breakaway human civilization operating in the Pacific. It’s possible that all the talented people out there who are sick and tired of the ngative energy on twitter have gone “John Galt” and built there own secret underwater city.

Speaking of twitter, Elon Musk recently made waves by tweeting about UFOs.

On March 22nd, Musk tweeted “Strongest argument against aliens” below his tweet were two graphs. One graph was labeled “camera resolution” and it showed a line increasingly exponentially. The second graph was labeled “UFO picture resolution” and it was a horizontal line.

The argument here, straightforward: if UFOs are alien spaceships, then we should have better photographic evidence of them today than we did in the late 1940s when people first started photographing them.

In my view, the best response to Musk’s tweet came from Russian-American scientist and podcasters, Lex Fridman, who simply replied to Musk “That is exactly what an alien would say.”

The worst reply came from a twitter account r/UFObelievers which purports to represent the UFO community on Reddit. Mind you this is a twitter account representing a Reddit commnity. Or purporting to anyhow.

Anyway, this account responded to Musk by repeatedly linking to stories of first-person reports about UFOs. At one point saying something to the effect of “how can all these people be lying?”

I became frustrated watching this. And I asked r/UFObelievers to please stop replying to Musk,unless you are going to actually address his argument. This acount responded to me with a DM that I cannot repeat on the air, and then blocked me. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt a fraction of Reddit’s UFO believing community. I am on your side, because I am sympethic to the extraterrestrial hypothesis. But before I’m on anyone’s side, I’m on the side of the truth. And one of the ways to get to the truth is to engage in the process of what Plato called ‘dialectic’ – this is argumentation with the aim of putting egos aside and finding the truth. When someone makes a good point, we should acknowledge the point, re-present it as charitably as possible, and respond with our own arguments and evidence, by addressing the strongest interpretation of their view.

As I see the argument Musk is making can be reconstructed like this:

If UFOS were concrete phyiscal craft, similar to our own air and spacecraft, we would expect them to be detailed. They might have tiny little exhaust pipes, or little hatches, little decals, and as our cameras got better, the photos of alien spacecraft would show more and more of these details.

It is troubling to the extraterrestrial hypothesis that this has not happened.

And yes: there are possible replies to this argument. One account maintained that modern cameras have an infrared filter, and UFOs broadcast in the infrared so they are being filtered out. I don’t get that argument because I have used camera phones to DETECT infrared. You will find that lights that are invisible to our eyes will show up as a ghostly white, at least camera phones from a few years ago.

Others on twitter maintained that UFOs propel themselves with powerful EM fields and this distorts their appearance. I thought this was fair.

It might also be maintained that UFOs are extra-dimensional craft, which are perhaps only partially in our universe at any time and hence won’t fully show up in photographs. Or they could be spiritual phenomena, that won’t show up on camereas at all. But note that these last two possibilities: extra-dimensional craft and spiritual phenomena, if they were true then the extra-terrestrial hypothesis WOULD be false. Strictly speaking, the extra-terrestrial hypothesis is the idea that some UFOs are merely advanced versions of the craft we already know – made by flesh and blood beings, similar to us, but probably originating from a different planet.

And there is another line of posible response to Musk’s argument, which is to challenge whether the premise of the argument – that camera resolution of UFOs has not improved. Because it seems to me that the U.S. Military is indicating that they now have decent infrared imagery on these craft. Indeed, former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe recently went on cable news to say that the government has excellent senor information on UFOs. And he remarked on FOX News:

“There are instances where we don’t have good explanations for some of the things that we’ve seen,” he added. “And when that information becomes declassified, I’ll be able to talk a little bit more about that.”

Ratclif may be refering to the June 1st deadline for an intelligence report on UFOs. The December 27th stimulus bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump contains a section ordering the intelligence community to prepare a report on UFOs and their possible threat to national security, to the  Senate Intelligence Committee.

Senator Marco Rubio, who is on the Senate Intelligence Commitee, also addressed UFOs on Fox news saying:

Sen. Marco Rubio
Well, we have things flying over military installations over military exercises and other places. And we don’t know what it is. It isn’t ours. It isn’t anything that’s registered with the FAA, and in many cases, exhibits attributes of things. We’ve never seen technology, the kinds of technology we haven’t seen before. At least that’s what it seems like. I think you have to know what it is, or we have to try to know what it is. That’s my view of it without any preconceived notions, maybe there’s a logical explanation. Maybe it’s a, you know, something that can be explained away. Maybe it’s a foreign adversary who’s made a technological leap, as you’ve heard the former DNI said, whatever it is, we need to know the answer to it. The problem with this issue is every time you raise it, people get all nervous. Oh, does this mean UFOs and aliens and extraterrestrials? We don’t have to go So far, it’s very simple. There are things flying over national security installations. We don’t know who they are. I don’t know what it is it isn’t ours, we need to find out.

Well Said, Senator Marco Rubio.

So perhaps we can concede to Elon Musk that the UFOs arn’t looking great on our phone cameras. but any event, I think we can shelve our verdict on UFO evidence until June 1st, 2021.

So this remains the scariest possibility in my mind: that these UFOs that are buzzing American installations around the Pacific might be the product of an adversarial technological breakthrough. A Sino-Wunderwaffen would be a nightmare scenario. Let me describe why:

The United States has the greatest navy in the world. And we plan around using our navy to project military might in the event of a war. We have these enormous carriers and carrier groups. These flotillas of ships can shoot down planes, fire missiles that land onshore, sink ships, and launch bombing raids using carrier-based aircraft. There has been a growing fear that in the event of a war, the Chinese might sink the American navy using their huge masses of ballistic missiles.

Ballistic missiles are missiles that use a parabolic trajectory – they go way up in the air, then they fall down out of the sky and they come straight down on their target. There are not neccesarily atomic weapons. The SCUD missiles used by Iraq in a failed attempt to prevent U.S. Invasion in 1993 and then again in 2001 were ballistic missiles. These missiles were notoriously inaccurate and ineffective, but the Chinese are much more advanced today than the Iraqis were in 2001, and they are believed to have much better ballistic missiles, plus other kinds of missiles in development – like hypersonic cruise missiles.

Well, despite this, the advantage has traditionally been anticipated to the U.S. Navy, because the Pacific ocean is enormous. And even a carrier can move 30 knots. And so just by zigzagging randomly, our ships can become almost impossible to target using ballistic missiles, or hypersonic missiles. There’s always a big gap in time between finding a ship in the ocean, asking for a missile to be fired, firing the missle, and then getting the missile to the target.

the best way to target a ship is to keep eyeballs on it. Not literally, but some kind of targeting device that updates targeting information in real-time, so that your missiles can be launched as accurately as possible or even guided in flight to the target.

So, my terrifying dark thought is: what if these weird super-performing UFOs that have been buzzing U.S. Ships and airplanes in the Pacific are Chinese? And what if their function is to guide missile attacks on U.S. Ships?

This is no laughing matter. This is really scary because it does appear that the Chinese Communist Party is gearing for an invasion of the free and independent nation of Taiwan – a close U.S. Ally, and a nation which the U.S. Is treaty-bound to defend. In recent months, the Chinese have been increasingly infiltrating the Taiwanese airspace, – which is illegal, but they do it anyway. They have also been massing ships in the South China sea, sparking confrontation with the Phillipnes. They have constructed an enormous military-grade heliopad just across the strait from the island of Taiwan – this would be perfect for loading soldiers onto helicopters and then helicoptering the 100 miles to Taiwan.

So, my sense is that the world is headed for a war in the Pacific. On one side will be the People’s Republic of China. On the other will be Taiwan, The United States, and Japan. If you throw in the possibiility that the Chinese have a wunderwaffen, it becomes even more terrifying.

Of course, as terrifying as it is, it is not exactly occult and parnaormal news. So why cover it? After all, probably the biggest mainstream news of THIS week is Russia’s immenient invasion of Ukraine. As an aside, I’m seeing all kinds of photos on twitter of Russian military convoys rushing through the crimea, and Belarus, headed for the Ukranian border. It looks like Russia is about to launch an invasion of that country. But I am completely skipping over that story to discuss issues related to a conflict that may be months or even years away.

Well, I think that we need to be aware of the larger context in order to asess the strange news coming out of the Pacific Ocean. Clearly, this region is fast becoming a locus for intrigue and espionage, if not also magic and mystery.

I HOPE that some of my own wilder hypotheses are grounded in reality – I would be delighted if turns out that there is an underwater civilization ir alien base in the Pacific. Those interested in thinking about this may wish to read John Wyndam’s classic novella “The Kraken Wakes” in which aliens that can only survive deep underwater invade Earth by landing in the Pacific. Also, Peter Watts has a 1999 book “Starfish” which describes genetically modified humans scrapping by in an undersea base – a kind of late 20th century homage to the island of Dr. Moreau. These are the fun, weird, possibilities we can use fiction as a crutch to think through. They’re worth entertaning because they’re interesting and they might be true!

At the same time, we should be informed about the more prosaic possibility – there are a lot of professional warriors – in the U.S. And China – who are highly motivated to keep the rest of us in the dark about what THEY are doing in the Pacific region. These character are up to all sorts of trouble in the Pacific. Meanwhile, their cloak and dagger counterparts are actively working to keep us all in the dark about the nature of that trouble.

I will continue to cover the increasingly enigmatic Pacific threatre, as this situation heats up.

Until next time, I have been your host Dane,

Stay strange

and Stay Sane.

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